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  What are Native American Indian Rights Regarding Nontimber Forest Products?
Native American Indian tribes lived (and still live) in the geographic area of the U.S. for at least 14,000 years. Hunting and gathering, and for some, farming, were instrumental to their subsistence and culture. Today, many tribes have rights granted through treaties, usufruct traditions, and other mechanisms. Visit this webpage for some links to useful background readings.
American Indian Chapters in: Nontimber Forest Products in the United States. Eric T. Jones, Rebecca J. McLain, James Weigand, editors. Lawrence: University Press of Kansas. 2002. The University Press of Kansas has graciously allowed these book chapters to be downloaded for free. To download you can try clicking on the link then checking your download folder, or right click and save the file to a folder on your local computer.
Indian Reserved Rights - Goodman
Ojibwe Off-Reservation Harvest of Wild Plants - Danielsen and Gilbert
Making Peace in the Berry Patch: The 1932 Handshake Agreement and the Promise of Cultural Use Zones - Fisher
American Indian Management of Federal Lands: The Maidu Cultural and Development Group - London
Contemporary Subsistence Use of Nontimber Forest Products in Alaska - Schroeder