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The directories below show businesses that have listed themselves as buyers and sellers of nontimber forest products. However, because many businesses do not think of or refer to themselves as nontimber forest product businesses (see definition in About & FAQ), these directories only capture a fraction of the thousands of NTFP businesses across the U.S. Traditional hardcopy business directories have almost been completely replaced by online directories and many are free, at least for basic data. If you are looking for wild mushroom buyers, places to buy salal and fern, or just trying to get a sense for the size and scope of industry segments, in addition to checking the directories below you might look online in state and local agricultural directories such as FoodHub or Oregon Tilth Producers, or other types of forest product directories such as the National Nursery and Seed Directory.

Oregon Forest Industry Non-timber and Special Forest Product Directory
(emphasis on U.S. Northwest)
Minnesota Special Forest Products Directory Website
(emphasis on U.S. Upper Midwest)
 From Our Atlantic Woods Website
 (emphasis on Canadian Maritime Providences and Maine)
 Rural Opportunities Network Website
(Canadian Directory
Wild Trader Online Classifieds
(emphasis on British Columbia)
Buy BC Wild NTFP Directory 
 (emphasis on British Columbia)